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Military Moves

Permanent Change of Station, or a PCS move, is a big, yet common step in military life. One duty station is to be changed by another one, so the whole family of the military member needs to be relocated. Even though this process can be really tiring and stressful, it is expected and common for every military family. That’s why those of you who are experiencing the military move for the first time, may feel anxious about it. For that reason, Dependable Movers offer you a simple guide on how to handle the move, choose the right military movers and land to your new destination as smoothly as possible.

What types of PCS moves are there?

With the military moves, not everything is that simple. There are three types of military moves, so you can choose the one that suits you.

  1. Government-handled move. During this process, your assigned Traffic Management Office (TMO) will organize everything for you. They will pick up your information, find a moving company that will do everything, from packing, shipping and unpacking at your new destination.
  2. Personally Procured Move (PPM) – this process is the most common. Here you can do everything by yourself, choose one out of military moving companies North Carolina, pack, ship and unpack. The government will, however, pay as much as 95% of the costs.
  3. Mixed move – this type of the move, a mix of the previous two, where part of your things are handled by the government, and the other part you can move by yourself.

Be aware that with all of the moves paid by the government, there are some weight restrictions. So you should check before packing what would be the limit since you need to pay everything that exceeds that amount/weight. For any other moving tips, feel free to contact us.

Personally procured move (PPM)

In this guide, we will focus on the move you can handle yourself since there you need the most help. Don’t be afraid to handle the thing by yourself, because it can be smooth and easy if you prepare well. Furthermore, the biggest part of the expenses will be paid by the government, so be sure to get and keep all the receipts. The costs that will be paid after you finish the moving process are:

  • Renting a truck (or trucks)
  • moving boxes and all the other packing material and supplies
  • tolls
  • weight costs and charges

Remember: the government will reimburse you after a couple of weeks after you submit all the documents required. You need to have all the receipts and weigh your moving vehicle before and after packing the goods, so you can get the exact weight of your things.

Mixed move

A similar option to the personally procured move is a mixed type. This means that you will have a kind of a limit for the weight and costs, that will be moved by a government-contracted moving company. The rest of the things that exceeds that limit, needs to be moved by yourself, using the PPM option.

How to do a military move successfully?

Moving to another state or city is not something you are always happy about. Especially when it is not your choice. However, if you decide on doing it yourself, here are some things you need to do, in order to finish the moving process successfully.

Start in advance

Planning early is the key to success. Before packing and dealing with the move, start planning and organizing, months in advance, if possible. Make a list of things you need to do, and it can serve you as a checklist. That’s how you will have a clear idea of the tasks and costs that need to be done.

Save some money and save the receipts

This is when your list will come in handy. Keep track of all the costs that came your way, and if possible, make a financial plan. Set the budget limit, so you always know what is your financial situation. Furthermore, save all the receipts during the moving process. They will be precious when you need to submit the documents for the government to reimburse the biggest part of your costs.

Organize and get rid of the things you don’t need

Decluttering is sometimes key to successful and easy move. Go through your stuff and see what are the things you don’t need. Also, check if some things like electronics or old kitchen appliances can be upgraded after you move. If so, you can either sell, recycle or even donate and therefore get rid of these things easily. In that way, you will reduce your moving costs and save a lot of time and space when packing.

How to choose the right military moving company?

Dealing with the move, you need to choose the right military movers. This company needs to be trustworthy and able to move your things the easiest and most affordable way. Depending on the type of your move you can either have:

  • A local government military move – this means that you will not travel a lot, but either way, you need to relocate your whole household.
  • Long-distance move – this implies that you are probably moving to another state and therefore traveling long distance.

Do some background check

Good and trustworthy military movers North Carolina need to be certified and have the right license. So be sure to check that and trust your things to a company that is trustworthy. You can always ask your colleagues for some recommendations since they have probably already moved a couple of times. We surely invite you to check the reviews of our previous customers and find out why people trust us.

Ask for the precise moving quote

Military moving companies should come for an in-home estimate. Be sure to get the precise moving quote so you can use that quote and receipts for the refund later. You should show the company representative everything that needs to be moved, so they can make a clear list of the inventory.

Finally, our advice is to do everything slowly and systematically. Hire the professional military movers and don’t worry about anything! Start by contacting Dependable Movers. Good luck and have a safe trip!

Frequent moves can be the best and worst part of being a military family. On one hand, you get to experience parts of the world and different countries that you may have not seen otherwise. On the other hand, moving is a stressful process and potentially pricey.

Whether you are in active duty, work for the military, or a veteran, Dependable Movers can help you quickly and efficiently execute your move.

Many military personnel across the country have chosen Dependable Movers for their move. Keep reading to learn why.


We provide the services that you and your family deserve and require, while lessening the burden of frequent relocations.

  • Dependable Movers offers an immediate discount to help you save more on your move. Just be sure to tell us about your military status when you call to reserve, and we will take 15% off the total cost.
  • We will assign you a customer service representative, who will be your primary contact. They will provide you with shipment and tracking information.
  • Our experienced movers will carefully disassemble any furniture or appliances and wrap them in pads and blankets. They will reassemble everything upon delivery.
  • There will be a $100 credit added to any military move account, which can be used towards any packing materials

Moving can be a complicated process to plan, especially for military moves that may be under strict deadlines, but we will walk you through every step. With our logistics team and experienced foreman, we can guarantee the highest quality move in the industry. We believe that communication is key, which is why our customer service team works around the clock to better assist you. You will never feel out of the loop!

We appreciate the commitment and sacrifices our military makes every day, which is why we strive to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

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